Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas Trees


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Our retail showroom features a tree forest of over 150 undecorated trees!   These artificial Christmas trees are beautifully realistic, highly reliable, and feature a 10 year warranty.  Our WonderLit Trees even even feature a 10 year warranty on the lights!

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Our showroom features a "tree forest" of over 150 undecorated artificial Christmas trees of all shapes, sizes, heights, colors, and styles.  Every variety you'd expect:  Fir, Pine, Balsam, & Spruce!  Some even flocked with snow or ice!  Sizes range from 8 inches up to 12 feet tall and are available in potted, slim, trim, and extra full profiles, just to name a few. Lighting options include Unlit, Premium Pre-Lit with White (Clear) or Multi-colored Lights, L.E.D.-Lit with White (Clear) or Multi-colored Lights, and Peppermint Forest Christmas Shop's exclusive WonderLit Christmas Trees featuring a 10 Year Warranty on the tree AND the lights!  You're sure to find the ideal artificial Christmas tree to suit your personal style and your space at Peppermint Forest Christmas Shop!